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Customer PerformanceMETRIX: SaaS Application

Next Generation Marketing Intelligence

Your customers expect you to be customer-centric, especially the loyal ones. You need to approach every interaction with a message that’s personal, targeted, and relevant. To do so, you need to find the similarities and differences among your customers, then group them into cohorts that will respond to targeted marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Planning and measuring an effective holistic marketing strategy for all of your customers requires a new level of customer and marketing intelligence. Getting all of your customer, marketing, and transaction data in one place—with the analytics to act on it—used to be an expensive, time-consuming, and risky proposition. Thankfully, those days are gone. PivotLink has redefined powerful, yet affordable, marketing intelligence by combining cloud-based analytics and data ingestion with a business user application approach.

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PivotLink’s cloud-based Customer PerformanceMETRIX lets you easily interact with your customer, marketing, and sales data—all collected in one place—to find and measure your customers' similarities and differences based on their marketing response, purchases, web visits, demographics, and more. Designed for the business user, Customer PerformanceMETRIX allows you to answer everyday marketing planning and measurement questions such as:

  • How are my online marketing campaigns influencing in-store sales?
  • What is the value of an online-only shopper, an offline-only shopper, and a multi-channel shopper?
  • How should I attribute sales across my marketing programs?
  • What are the best acquisition sources for customers that ultimately become loyal?
  • What’s the break-even point for new groups of customers across different acquisition sources?
  • How are my new, potential, loyal, and inactive customer groups changing over time?
  • What do my first time customers typically buy?
  • What is the best content and timing for a lapsed-customer campaign?
  • How can I identify customers who have changed their purchase behavior?


Explore and Refine. Quickly identify groups of cohort customers and refine them based on detailed behavior patterns. Plus, integrations with popular marketing automation systems like Responsys and ExactTarget let you easily export targeted groups to execute campaigns quickly.

Comprehensive Customer View. Drill down into purchases across channels, demographic details, marketing response data, and more. See how different groups behave over time, if they’re growing or shrinking, and what’s causing them to change. PivotLink gives you visibility into what your customers are doing, what you should do to influence them, and when you need to do it.

Business User Focus. Designed with the marketing user in mind, the application supports today's interrogation-based workflows. It lets you quickly get to the right answer and is designed to follow your thought process from any starting point. For example, start with a group of people and determine the next best offer, or start with an offer and determine best segment to send it to.


Advanced Analytics - Marketing Attribution. Customer PerformanceMETRIX comes with built-in customer groupings and segments based on spend profile, RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary value) score, timeline analysis, and loyalty progression. Add the Attribution Module and determine at-a-glance how your marketing programs are driving sales online and offline. Plan your marketing spend with confidence that your marketing dollars are delivering true ROI.

Analyze Customer Acquisition. Analyze any combination of new customer acquisition channels, customer segments, timeframes and purchases to compare the cost of acquisition with contribution margin and pinpoint the break-even point for a group of new customers.

Comprehensive Reporting. Would you like get an email report every morning at 8 a.m. that shows all of your marketing key performance indicators? No problem. Our reporting module lets you define what you want to measure and share it with your organization.

Transaction Affinity Analysis. Analyze how products sell together, by segment, to help determine the most relevant content for campaigns or real time recommendations. Our powerful yet easy to use Purchase Affinity module lets you analyze any set of transactions to ultimately help you improve your average order values across all of your customer segments.


Optimize Customer Performance. Get “bottom-line” metrics that define the ultimate measure of marketing spend effectiveness. PivotLink’s Customer Performance Dashboard gives marketers an instant view into how their new, potential, loyal, and inactive customer groups are changing over time. Marketers can instantly compare time periods to understand changes in customer count, purchase frequency, average spend and total spend.

Integrate with marketing execution systems. Pivotlink's CPM application is complete with off-the-shelf integrations to most major marketing execution systems like Responsys, ExactTarget, Bronto, Yesmail, and more. Get more out of your marketing tools investment by adding Pivotlink's marketing intelligence to your mix. Work smarter, not harder.

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