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Customer-Centric Retailing

To drive your business, you need to know your business. Whether you're analyzing sales, determining assortment plans, managing store operations, or collaborating with supply chain partners, having insight into real-time results gives you the intelligence you need to drive out costs and pull in profits. That part of retailing hasn't changed since point-of-sale data collection began. What has changed is our operating perspective. To survive and thrive over the next decade, retailers need to look at all of their operations from the point of view of their customer. They need to answer questions such as "How do our decisions improve the customer experience?" and "How can we differentiate ourselves?"

Get the RetailMETRIX data sheet.


PivotLink’s cloud-based RetailMETRIX gives you fast, easy access to dozens of out-of-the box reports and dashboards, plus additional visualizations of more than 60 key performance indicators. With everything from omni-channel sales performance to inventory and marketing effectiveness, you’ll get the intelligence you need to improve sales, streamline operations, defend against competitors, and grow customer satisfaction.

Right from your browser, anyone can quickly explore information from multiple data sources. Beyond the included reports, RetailMETRIX lets you easily add the additional reports, metrics, or dashboards your company requires. And, our easy-to-use interface means that this intelligence can be used by merchandisers, planners, store operations personnel, marketing and promotions managers, executives and anyone in-between—even beyond your firewall.


Affordable Analytics for Everyone. PivotLink's RetailMETRIX is designed to take advantage of the economies of scale of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) application delivery model by efficiently ingesting all of your 1st party data (transactions, customers, inventory, etc) and delivering an affordable, intuitive retail analytics and reporting application. With no software to deal with and no computing hardware to buy, we get you up and running quickly, and keep you there with a subscription pricing model we know you'll like. 

More than just BI. A collection of best-in-class reports, dashboards, and metrics, RetailMETRIX provides a lot more than just business intelligence. Advanced analytics, such as customer segmentation and product affinity, provide a level of analysis standard BI tools just can't provide.



Get smarter with RetailMETRIX by informing decision-making across your entire enterprise. Whether analyzing marketing campaign performance, purchase orders against inventory on-hand, or combining data from multiple channels, suppliers and distributors, RetailMETRIX gives you intelligence without gaps. You can even augment your own data with demographic, social sentiment, weather, and other information from PivotLink’s validated third-party data sources.

Take a test drive. The best way to see the power of RetailMETRIX is to take a test drive with your own data. Contact us to set up an evaluation and we'll take care of the rest.


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